Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 230V Mains Powered – 10yr Lithium Battery Backup – EIB166E


Optical Smoke Alarm using the light scatter principle, giving a quick response to all standard domestic fire types.

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  • Wireless interconnect when fitted with EIB100MRF RadioLINK module
  • Early detection to all standard domestic fires types
  • Built-in high audibility warning sounder
  • Large Easy to use Test/Hush button
  • Hush Feature allows false alarm control
  • Easy to install twist-on base design
  • Aesthetically pleasing, compact design
  • Innovative and robust optical chamber design
  • Manufactured in Ireland to AS/NZS4268:2003 approved standard

The Lithium cells will power the alarm for more than 10 years.
The non replaceable cell and tamperproof design reduces the possibility of the alarm being disabled.
A unique house coding feature prevents the system from communicating with other nearby systems.
Remote Control Switches may be added to the system to provide remote Locate, Test and Hush functionality.
Designed for simple installation, commissioning and maintenance.
Large, easy to use, combined Test/Hush button enables full testing of the alarm and the ability to silence false alarms.
This alarm supports wireless interconnection of up to 12 smoke alarms and 8 Remote Control devices.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

Sensor: Optical, uses light scatter from smoke particles
Sensitivity: Complies with the requirements of AS3786 and BS EN 14604: 2005
Airspeed: Essentially immune to the effect of airspeed.
Button Test: Simulates the effect of smoke to check chamber, electronics and horn
Hush: Silences nuisance alarm. Automatically resets after approximately 10 minutes.
Supply Voltage: 10 Year Lithium Cells with 2,000mAh capacity.
Power-On Indicator: Red LED flashes through cover every 40 seconds
Alarm: Piezoelectric-horn (built-in)
Alarm Sound Output: 85dB (minimum) at 3m
Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C
Humidity Range: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity – non condensing
Interconnect: Up to 12 smoke alarms maybe interconnected. In addition up to 8 Remote Control devices may be fitted
Fixing: Screw fixings supplied
Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty

  • Certified to AS3786
  • VdS approved to BS EN14604:2005,
  • CE approved
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
  • AS/NZS4268:2003 standard approved
  • Supplied with EIB605MTYRF module
  • EN 14604:2005 3rd party approved

The smoke detector will activate the built in sounder upon sensing smoke particles.

The red indicating LED will flash once every 40 seconds to show that the alarm is powered and it
has performed an automatic self-test. The built in sounder will provide a minimum sound
output of 85dB at 3m.

Pressing and holding the “Test/Hush” button will perform a self test and sound the horn – checking the chamber, electronics and horn.
Momentarily pressing the “Test/Hush” button when an alarm is sounding will set the alarm into “HUSH” mode. This reduces the sensitivity for a period of 10 minutes, after which the alarm automatically resets – providing control over false alarms.

The alarm is not powered until it is connected to the twist on base, thus avoiding battery power consumption during storage and prior to installation.